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Chelated Micronutrient Fertilizers

Chelated Micronutrient Fertilizers
Chelated Micronutrient Fertilizers
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ProtaMin - Mix
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ProtaMin - (Amino Acid Based Micronutrient Chelate)

 Crops require 17 essential nutrients to grow normally. The essential nutrients required for growth in small amount  are referred to as micronutrients, because they are needed in small amounts. They are Boron (B), Chloride (Cl), Copper (Cu), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Molybdenum (Mo), Nickel (Ni) and Zinc (Zn). Micronutrients are important for plant growth, as plants require a proper balance of all the essential nutrients for normal growth and optimum yield.

 ProtaMin a unique formulations of mix & single minerals salts with organic Nitrogen derived from vegetable / animal origin proteins (i.e., Soya / Casein / Gelatin etc.) in the form of free amino acids, short chained peptides & complexed with various mineral salts for better availability of minerals  .

Plants absorb the organic nitrogen (Hydrolysed Protein) along with mineral ions quickly & easily. Amino Acids (digested proteins) have a chelating effect on minerals. When applied together with minerals, the absorption and transportation of minerals inside the plant is easier. This effect is due to the chelating action and to the effect of cell membrane permeability. L - Glycine & L - Glutamic acid are known to be very effective chelating agents. This is present in ProtaMin Mix.

We Offer following Amino Acids (Hydrolysed Protein) Based Micronutrient Chelates in bulk packing for Foliar Applications: 


Mix Micro -nutrient Chelates  

Active Ingredients


Single Micro nutrient Chelate

Active Ingredient


ProtaMin- Mix

Zn ,Fe, Mn, Cu , B ,  Mo, Mg   & N


ProtaMin-  Zinc

Zn -12%


ProtaMin- CB

Ca, B, & N


ProtaMin-  Ferrous  

Fe -12%


ProtaMin- CBM

Ca, B, Mg & N


ProtaMin-  Manganese

Mn -12%


ProtaMin- CBZ

Ca , B , Zn & N  


ProtaMin-  Copper



ProtaMin- ZBM

Zn , B , Mg & N  


ProtaMin-  Calcium  



ProtaMin- KC

K (Potassium), Ca & N


ProtaMin-  Boron



ProMin-  Gr. II

Zn ,Fe, Mn, Cu , B , Mo  & N


ProtaMin-  Magnesium



ProMin- Gr I

Zn ,Fe, Mn, Cu , B & N


ProtaMin-  Potassium

K- 15%

The Salient Features :

  • ProtaMin provides the vital minerals to growing crop in most bio-available form.
  • ProtaMin contains all essential amino acids & minerals, which are precursors of phytohormones & other growth substances & accelerate the Metabolic, & Physiological activity of plant.
  • ProtaMin before, during and after the stress conditions supplies the plants with Amino Acids & Minerals which are directly related to stress physiology and thus has a preventing and recovering effect.
  • ProtaMin has a high percentage of biological value & nutritive value.
  • ProtaMin contains most of essential as well as non-essential amino acids in short chained peptide, di-peptide & polypeptides forms which binds with the mineral ions to form a complex which allows the effective, easier absorption & active utilization by the plants. 
  • ProtaMin is organic, nontoxic & an eco-friendly product fulfills the nutritional demand of the plants.
  • ProtaMin helps to optimize  growth & yield by correcting micronutrient deficiencies of crops like cotton, sugarcane, cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruit crops, floriculture etc.

Recommendations :

Dissolve 200-250 G ProtaMin  in 200 lit. Water and spray on crops. 2-3 spray are recommended at an interval of 2 weeks depending on the age and type of the crop.

Packing : 25 Kg in Multiwall BOPP Paper Bag.

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