Protune ( Amino Acids Powder & Liquid )

Protune ( Amino Acids Powder & Liquid )

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Protune ( Mix Amino Acids Powder & Liquid )

Protune is hydrolysed protein based organic Nitrogen fertilizer derived from vegetable / animal origin proteins (i.e., Soya / Casein / Gelatin etc.) in the form of free amino acids, short chained peptides by hydrolysis which provides organic Nitrogen in most bioavailable form and helps to increase the yield of the crop. Protune 80 is certified and NOP &NPOP Standard by Ecocert India as ingredient used in Organic Farming as organic nitrogen source.

The overall hydrolysis is carried out under controlled conditions using highly active biological origin enzymes like Papain derived from the papaya tree (Carica papaya). The insoluble native proteins are converted into soluble proteins due to the active enzymes & thus the slurry obtained is separated in to soluble & insoluble fraction. The insoluble fraction is discarded as waste whereas, the soluble fraction is further purified; strength adjusted, boiled & then spray dried to convert the liquid in to powder. Protune (Amino Acid mixture) is a mixture of various essential as well as non-essential amino acids, & short-chained peptides required for the normal growth of plant & animals.

Protune (Amino Acid Mixture) is available in powder as well as liquid form & used in number of agricultural formulation like Zyme, Biostim, Amino acid base Micronutrient Chelates, & other plant growth promoter (PGP) formulations as organic source of nitrogen.

テδづつキ Organic Nitrogen Based Ready To Use Powder Growth Promoter.

テδづつキ Derived From Organic Nitrogen Source.

テδづつキ Ecofriendly & Safe for Organic Farming.

テδづつキ 100% Water Soluble.

テδづつキ Certified & Approved By Ecocert as Organic Input For Organic Farming.

We Offer :

テδづつキ Protune 80 (75-80 % Protein Powder)

テδづつキ Protune 60 (55-60% Protein Powder)

テδづつキ Protune 30 (30 % Protein Powder)

テδづつキ Protune L (40%, 30 % & 20 % Protein Liquid)

Packing : Powder : 25 Kg In Multiwall BOPP Paper Bag .

: also available in 450 Kg in Jumbo Super Sac.

Liquid : 200 kg in HDPE Drums .

: 1000 lit IBC totes .